Risk-aware wealth management takes care of your irreplaceable wealth.

Crazy world. Sane investing. In a world of increasing complexity and chaos, Dinergy offers a calm center of reason. Our focus: Preserve capital. Respect the risks. Invest in lives.

At Dinergy™, we’re here to help you pragmatically invest what you’ve worked so hard to earn and may not have the time or capacity to replace. We use a dinergic investment approach—one that unifies the complementary opposites of strategy and tactics—to manage your irreplaceable wealth. We develop a Regenerative Growth Portfolio solution for you once we identify the risk decisions you’re willing to make, rather than the risks you’re forced to tolerate.

Your risk preference guides the transformative choices we can make together, for your savings, investments, IRA, and 401K rollover decisions.

What's your financial risk preference number?

Redefining real wealth on your terms

The energy you put into creating, saving, and transferring your wealth gives your money meaning.

Each experience adds to the rich pattern of your life, and forms a financial impetus to carry your dreams and desires forward. In our Riscovery process, we learn what your wealth represents to you, now and in the future. We listen closely to your life priorities to design your risk management plan and portfolio.

Wealth is more than a number. It’s a mindset that affords you the financial opportunity to live a meaningful life on your terms. What are your life priorities?

diagram of life priorities

Dinergy is a way of life.

Everywhere around you the astounding power of dinergy abounds. This creative force extends from our DNA to the cosmos—and now, to the dynamic nature of your investment strategies.

In the patterns and proportions of nature, the harmonics of music, the beauty of art and architecture—and even in stock market analysis, the energy of dinergy is evident. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s within you and all around you, shaping values, expectations, interactions, your life, and Life itself. It defines what we do at Dinergy.

We bring this transformative power to wealth management.

nautilus shell with golden proportions

The creative patterns of dinergy appear in the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci Series, and Phi.